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Budget DIY CCTV 2 Camera Kit – 349Euro

Designed specifically for use and installation by those with no experience or prior knowledge of CCTV systems. DIY Home CCTV Kit with 500GB digital video recorder and 2 outdoor cameras. Includes a clear English manual and all the cabling, power supplies, fixings and everything else needed to secure a property. Capable of recording footage from up to 4 cameras simultaneously. Footage can also be viewed from a Smartphone with apps for Apple and Android available.
Key Features
•Quick & Easy to Install, No Expert Help Required
•View on your Existing TV, Monitor or Smartphone
•Up to 50 Days Continuous Recording
•2x Fully Weatherproof Cameras with Night Vision
•DIY Kit with All Fixtures, a Detailed Manual & Installation Guide Included

Why Install CCTV?

Installing this DIY Home CCTV Kit could be one of the best steps you ever take to secure your home or business premises. As well as protecting against criminal activity and actively deterring criminals from targeting your property and vehicles, it will bring additional peace of mind for you and your family.

Why Choose a CTSolutions DIY Home CCTV Kit?

Designed specifically for use and installation by those with no experience or prior knowledge of CCTV systems, everything you need is contained
in the box including a clear instruction manual. If you need additional help,
our UK-based support team is available for the price of a local rate phone

Your CCTV Questions Answered

What is this kit?

This is a DIY Home CCTV Kit, which will allow you to setup and
install a CCTV system in your home or small business.

What’s Included in the Box?

• 2x outdoor, weatherproof, night vision cameras
• Digital video recorder (DVR)
• 2x 18.3m (60ft) power/video cables (to connect the cameras to the recorder)
• 1x power adapter
• 1x 5-way power splitter (for the DVR and up to 4 cameras)
• Remote control and a mouse to use with the DVR
• Instruction manual
• Wall fittings (screws and wall plugs)

What Else Will I Need to Use the Kit?

Almost everything you need is included but there are some obvious things to remember: You’ll need something to view the footage on, either a TV or a computer monitor. A drill, drill bit and a screwdriver are needed to mount the cameras. Internet access is required to view footage on your smartphone and you will need a network cable to connect the DVR to your router.

Can I Add More Than 2 Cameras to the System?

Yes. The DVR included in this kit can record up to 4 cameras simultaneously. Spare cameras are available from Storage Options.

How Long Will the System Record for?

With 2 cameras attached, this kit will record continuously for 50 days. This time is reduced proportionately if a third (37 days) or fourth camera (25 days) is attached.

Can I View the Live Footage from the Cameras on my Smartphone?

Yes. With free Android and Apple apps available, you can now view CCTV footage directly on your smart phone. So even if you are miles away from your property you can still check all is well at home or work and if necessary, take immediate action. Apple app available from iTunes and Android app available from

Can the Cameras “See” in the Dark?

Yes, the cameras included in the kit have infrared night vision
with a range of up to 10m (32ft). The system will record all events, even if
you can’t see them with your own eyes!

What if I Need Some Help Setting up or Using this Kit?

No problem. Our Irish-based support team is available for the price of a local-rate phone call. Call us on 02220527 / 0868280446 or email

Is there a Warranty on this Kit?

This product is backed by a 12-month warranty in the unlikely event of something going wrong.

Simply call our support line if you think there is a problem with your kit.




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