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CTSolutions: Budget solution to recession burglaries

CTSolutions: Budget solution to recession burglaries

WITH the recession being blamed for a spike in burglaries and robberies and plans to close rural Garda stations on the horizon in the upcoming budget, the need for increased security is taking on a much greater importance.

With this in mind, a Mallow-based company is offering 24/7 security with people’s recessionary budgets in mind.

“We believe that you can’t put a price on peace of mind – but home security systems which can be remotely monitored 24/7 are not as expensive as you would think,” says John Finnegan of Computronics Solutions. “We can come up with a security solution for virtually any budget”.

Computronics Solutions is a leader in intelligent digital security systems, with home and business owners able to monitor the cameras via their smart phones or computer link. The motion sensor cameras are also specially designed to zoom onto car registrations and have a half mile radius.

“We find that with people commuting further and further from home for work daily and houses being left empty for hours on end, they want to literally be able to keep an eye on their homes,” said John. “Regular, monitored alarm systems simply alert the Gardai or companies to the fact that your house has been entered, while the camera systems can help to prevent burglaries in the first instance and capture vital details to help track the culprits down immediately.”

The Central Statistics Office has recently revealed an 8.5% increase in robberies and burglaries this year alone.

According to a recent nationwide survey, Cork City and County is the third most burgled in Ireland (excluding Dublin) and November is traditionally the month when most burglaries occur.

Worryingly, most houses are occupied when a break-in occurs and the most common form of entry is through the back door of the property.

Add to that the Government plans to close rural Garda stations, it could make those living in isolated areas even more vulnerable to opportunistic thieves.

“Many of our clients come to us after they have been burgled. Most people have house or contents insurance, but it’s the loss of their personal items and the fact that someone has been in their house that affects them more,” said John. “We say that prevention is the first line of defence against burglaries.”

Computronics are based in Shortcastle and can be contacted on 022 – 20527.

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