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CompuTronics Solutions online backup is a unique online service that allows you to back up and instantly restore all data and files held on your system. It continuously backs up your data via the internet and stores it securely off-site to multiple datacentre facilities.

What is it: A fully managed, fully monitored online backup service for your business.

Features: Includes the continuous backup of Exchange, SQL and Oracle to multiple Irish datacenters. Recover point objective is as low as 15 minutes. Also included is a guarantee next business day onsite restore in the case of a full server failure 24/7 data protection and monitoring of all company data. Proactive solution not reactive! Free installation anywhere in Ireland

Benefits: Never lose a file again! CompuTronics Solutions online backup solution is a fully managed, fully monitored online backup solution for businesses. This basically means that CompuTronics Solutions takes the hassle out of backup with their online solution. No more tapes, no more failed restores. Peace of mind and continuous backup is the only way forward. 

  • CompuTronics Solutions will design, install and configure a backup system to suit your business requirements.
  • Data is automatically compressed, encrypted and securely transferred to CompuTronics Solutions primary data centre in Dublin. CompuTronics Solutions only transmits the data that has changed since the prior backup.  This means backups are lightening fast.
  • Each day your company’s data automatically synchronizes with the KeepItSafe data centre
  • Data is also continuously mirrored to our secondary data centre
  • Lost data can be restored to your machine with a click of a mouse
  • Deleted or old versions of files are still being stored by CompuTronics Solutions – known as retention policy. The period is set by you.


Each backup is monitored by CompuTronics Solutions qualified engineers and is protected by 24 hour security presence and CCTV – certainly giving your data the VIP treatment it deserves. If a backup is missed or failed – you get a call. Part of the proactive nature of the service.


Access to the datacentres is restricted and can only be accessed by authorised personnel. All of your data is replicated off-site to our secondary data centre. Both facilities have fully redundant UPS systems combined with back-up diesel generator. All data is encrypted before it leaves your network and is transferred over a secure internet connection. The data is also stored encrypted making it useless to anyone but you.


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