CTSolutions – Samsung RV510

CTSolutions Offer on Samsung Laptops – Please call for other specs and models

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CTSolutions External Storage Offers have external USB drives on Offer for a limited time only.

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CTSolutions: Father’s Day Toshiba Offers

CTSolutions have put together 4 Toshiba Laptops and put them on offer for Father’s Day. Don’t leave it too late to get your orders in.

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4Ch Analog Home and Commercial CCTV Kit

Secure your home or business with our 4Channel CCTV DIY Package, monitor it over the internet or on your mobile phone.

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Full Charged Black Current

2 Brothers have built a well impressed battery powered Beetle, capable of 1/4 runs in just over 9 seconds. And all that without the noise of an engine…….don’t know if this is something I personally like myself, but it does show what the future holds and that we are not going to loose our power […]

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Pioneer WWS-DT101 Discussion table

Pioneer have released their version and vision of multi-touch technology in their new WWS-DT101 which will be released in Japan this summer.

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Facebook “Hand out” Access to Users Data

Security firm Symantec has accused Facebook of leaving end-user data open to third parties and advertisers in hundreds of thousands of applications.

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CTSolutions: ‘Lizamoon’ SQL poisoning Attack

A massive SQL poisoning attack known as the LizaMoon mass-injection campaign is spreading like wildfire and has now infected more than 1m URLs….

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CTSolutions Microsoft Notification – Consumer Scam

Consumers are receiving telephone calls from persons claiming to be from Microsoft, or working on behalf of Microsoft, to tell them they have a virus on their computer.

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CTSolutions supplies Calving Cameras

CTSolutions provides calving solution for farmer travelling 30miles to his farm.

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