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CompuTronics Solutions supply and install security and network cameras throughout Ireland, we stock the leading brands of IP CCTV products from around the world.

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With no PC required for transmitting your images over WAN/LAN or the Internet, you are just a network plug away from live remote monitoring from any convenient desktop.

At CompuTronics Solutions we aim to sell and install the leading IP Security camera brands.

IP Camera Surveillance

IP Video Surveillance put simply, is the transmission of video that utilizes open internet protocols and standards for the purpose of recording and monitoring clips. Keep in mind this should not be confused with more proprietary methods of transmitting video footage in which only the manufacturer of the camera (whether that be Axis, Mobotix, or any other manufacturer) can decode the video for the purpose of recording and/or displaying the video.

What is an IP camera?

IP cameras or network ip cameras stream live video via digital packets across an internet protocol network such as a LAN (Local Area Network) or the Internet. The benefit of network cameras, is that they reside on IP networks; the video streams can then be accessed and stored remotely. This enables users to view and/or manage the IP camera using a standard web browser or video management software from different locations, giving businesses increased flexibility. If you are serious about home and office security, CompuTronics Solutions is here to help.

Our representatives are serious about finding the right solution for your security needs. We offer a wide range of surveillance and recording equipment featuring an extensive catalog of IP Cams, Network Video Recorders, Digital Video Recorders (DVR), Video Servers and Security Monitors in addition to closed circuit television equipment. CompuTronics Solutions has everything you need for IP surveillance. Whether you’re interested in an Axis Camera, a Panasonic Network Camera, or even if your just looking for more general information about Wireless Network Cameras, or our PTZ cameras, CompuTronics Solutions can help you find the equipment that best fits your home or office. We have literally, thousands of surveillence solutions to fit any budget, so don’t hesitate to call! Tel: 022 20527


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