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Whether you are a home office user or a small business owner protecting all vital company information and data is crucial. Small businesses can rely on the team at Computronics Solutions to protect and manage their data in two offsite data centres. Small offices or branch offices do not always have the resources like larger organisations and are relying on staff members to do manual backups. Online backup for small offices ensures that there is no lost productivity in case of data loss – because business records can be retrieved instantly without IT support. It also gives you the peace-of-mind knowing that office data is always backed up and recoverable in a fast, secure and hassle-free way.  Also staff often don’t backup correctly as they are not trained properly or simply forget.



CompuTronics Solutions services are available for laptops, PC’s and servers, securely managing and protecting your company data. All of your files are encrypted before they leave your network and transmitted to a primary and secondary datacentre, based in Ireland. You could be just one virus away from losing your critical data – with online backup managed services this fear disappears. Backups are completed in minutes and file recoveries are automated and back to you in seconds.
Upgrade to a new computer? No longer do you need to download files to an external drive or multiple CDs to move them over to the new system. Simply restore your files from your backup to the new computer in just a few simple steps.


Home offices or start ups don’t necessarily have backup as a priority as they have a million other areas of concern. Due to lack of IT resources their data is especially vulnerable. By securing your data online you are giving your data an all important insurance policy and eradicating your risk of PC crash, faulty installation or virus attack. Our online backup is secure, simple and affordable.


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