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CompuTronics Solution’s online backup solution is currently backing up clients in Ireland and abroad that are benefitting from the fully managed and monitored system. As volumes of data grow so too does the need for a fool proof automated system.

From home office users to small business owners the need to protect and store data is extremely important. Businesses cannot afford downtime or loss of data that can happen with manual tape backup. CompuTronics Solutions are eliminating the headache associated with tape backup and continue to push the boundaries in relation to data backup.

CompuTronics Solutions act as your data backup department giving you the peace-of-mind that office data is always backed up and recoverable in a fast, secure and hassle-free way.


The CompuTronics Solutions online backup solution is available for laptops, PC’s and servers, with one function of ultimately protecting and backing up your data. Security is the highest priority for our team with the highest level of encryption used to transfer files from your network to multiple CTS datacentres based in Ireland. Backups are completed in minutes and file recoveries are automated and back to you in seconds. If your laptop dies or you are upgrading your server – simple – CompuTronics Solutions can simply restore your files from your backup to the new computer in just a few simple steps. Hassle free and efficient.


Your data is secure and available to restore at all times. You will not have to worry about your data being deleted or not available to recover with the CTS solution. Ultimately CompuTronics Solutions act as your data backup arm and are available to you at any time for queries regarding your backup. You gain peace of mind that your data is safe and secure in state of the art datacentres. Hassle free and affordable solution for your business.


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